Drama: Satan’s Confession

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Original: Arj Ali Matubbar. Editing and screenplay: Asif Mohiuddin

Editor’s note

When I first read Aroj Ali Matubbar’s Confession of Satan, I felt like I was witnessing the whole story before my eyes. It was as if everything was visible in front of my eyes, just as I watched it in a film. Since then a latent desire to see this story as a play or a movie took root in my mind. After a lot of time passed, I did not find anyone who would make a screenplay of this story. A drama movie could have been made from such a masterpiece text. But since the sphere of free thought is very limited in our country, nothing like that happened. No one will dare, because everyone is afraid. So I wrote a screenplay myself without waiting for anyone else. I’ve never written a screenplay in my life though, so I’m quite immature in this regard. Still, I tried. Maybe in the future someone will dare to stage this play, with this expectation. Please note, if you want to use this script anywhere, you need my permission. Please do not use this text without permission.


Ever since the beginning of stories in human civilization, there has been a need for a evil or mischievous character. There is no substitute for a evil character to complete a story. Since time immemorial, people are suffering from sadness, depression and various complications of life, always have dreamed of a superhero or a great charismatic leader or a savior. Stories and poems were written about him, who will appear and save them all. It is one of the most primitive human desires. People have created millions of stories about this throughout the ages. But to make that story beautiful, to make it interesting, it always needs a villain. A villain who is a very bad character, Due to which people are suffering. Others avoid responsibility by blaming and blaming for all problems. The villain who can fight the hero side by side and let the hero win in the end. Human suffering ends. No story is acceptable to people without such a villain. It is very important to blame someone for all problems in a story. A good storyteller must therefore have a villain in the story, and defeat the villain at the end. Care must also be taken that the hero rescues the heroine or the helpless people.

Of all the khal or evil characters ever created in different civilizations in different nations and languages, perhaps the most varied and important mythological character is Iblish or Satan. In thousands of languages ​​this character has various forms under different names, which is probably not the case with any other character. When reviewing the character or event of a story, one of the most important things should be pointed out, that is to give equal opportunity to everyone, to be fair to everyone. No matter how ugly the author of Ramayana portrays Ravana, the author of Ramayana is rightly forced to admit that Ravana was actually the greatest genius and wise man of his age. Ravana with ten heads is actually a symbol of intelligent people like ten heads. Sad but true, this is a very important character among Muslims written in their books, Shaytan – His speech is not elaborated. All statements in the scriptures are biased and blaming Satan. Satan is not even given the least opportunity to defend himself in any of the scriptures. The main purpose of our play is to give the devil character a chance to defend himself in this myth, and create a level playing field. May no one be wronged, even the devil character may be treated with justice. Because if we don’t deal with the devil, if we don’t give him a chance to speak, then the devil inside us will win. So today we will hypothetically let the devil speak, the unspoken words of the devil. His autobiography. His unspoken memory. His everything. and creating a level playing field. May no one be wronged, even the devil character may be treated with justice. Because if we don’t deal with the devil, if we don’t give him a chance to speak, then the devil inside us will win. So today we will hypothetically let the devil speak, the unspoken words of the devil. His autobiography. His unspoken memory. His everything. and creating a level playing field. May no one be wronged, even the devil character may be treated with justice. Because if we don’t deal with the devil, if we don’t give him a chance to speak, then the devil inside us will win. So today we will hypothetically let the devil speak, the unspoken words of the devil. His autobiography. His unspoken memory. His everything.

Aroj Ali Matubbar, the original author of this story, begins by paying tribute to him.

One mid afternoon

Midday in the month of Baisakh, the sky is clear. Aroj Ali is sitting in the village meeting room. Lying on the bed in the living room, tossing and turning, he can’t sleep in the heat. On one side of the wall of the living room are pictures of Socrates, Epicurus and Gautama Buddha, on the other side are pictures of Darwin, Ibn Khaldun and Einstein. There is a table next to the bed, many books are arranged on the table. Quran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Tripitaka put together. Others read Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, Bertrand Russell’s Critique of Western Philosophy, Sophie’s Jagat, Bukhari Muslim’s Hadith and some other books.


Place: Aroj Ali's hut
Time: Noon
Character: Aroj Ali, the newcomer
Incident: Aroj Ali is lying down, lying down and staring at the pictures on the wall. The sun shines through the window in his room. An elderly scholar-looking visitor arrives.

Start of scene. Arj Ali saw from a distance a stranger standing in front of the door. A noble gentle old man. Wearing a white pajama, a white turban, a white turban on the head (with tails) and a white beard full of chest, well-shaped, radiant and sharp appearance. The light of joy and intelligence is reflected in his eyes. Looking at the eyes, it seems that he is reading up to the inner soul. Arj Ali had never seen such a person in his life. An unconcerned, emotionless, calm look. As if he had just come down from the top of the Himalayas after a hundred years of meditation. The first time he came into this room, there were none of the natural first-time glances that a man would have. As if he entered a familiar room. It seems that the roads, trees and houses here are as familiar as the lines of his hand. He was here for many years.

Aroj Ali sat up from the bed.

Aroj Ali:(in shocked voice) Assalamu Walaikum!

Stranger: Wa-alaikums salam wa-rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Aroj Ali:Did Mr. come to me?

Stranger: Yes, I have come to you.

Aroj Ali:(Moves chair forward) Sit down sir. Keep it up.

Stranger: (To sit on the chair. Not once looking at the chair table furniture in the room. As if everything is very familiar to him.) Alhamdulillah. thank you sir I see you are sweating in the heat.

Aroj Ali:He is nothing. Nowadays there is no electricity, I suffer a lot in the heat. Is it Mr. Identity?

Stranger: (Looking very cold and staring in the eyes) Want to know my identity? you know me

Aroj Ali:But sir, I can’t quite remember how I know you.

Stranger: You know my identity very well. And you are not alone, everyone knows my identity and knows it well.

Aroj Ali:But sir, I can’t remember exactly. Please tell me, who are you?

Stranger: Not to be remembered. You know me, but you don’t know me. Because until today why you, no one has seen me. Although in the water of the earth, on land, in space, I have free movement everywhere. I want to associate with all people, I want to love. But unfortunately no one wants to associate with me.

Aroj Ali:Why don’t you want to socialize? You seem like a decent person.

Stranger: I say because Before that I say who I am. I am called by different names in different languages ​​in different civilizations. Some say Prometheus, some say Azazel, some say Angha Mainu, some say Ahriman, many say Sedim or the Devil.

Aroj Ali:mean? These are all ancient mythological characters. You want to say you are a mythical character? Do you have any parents, relatives?

Stranger: My birth name is Makaram. I was a jinn in my first life. After millions of years of worshiping Allah, I became the leader of Allah’s angel army. In the cycle of time, I became Iblish and the name of Satan is Satan.

Hearing the name of the stranger Arj Ali started laughing like a fool. (He began to think to himself, this man has come to play pranks. Why would Satan come to him in the form of a man? But why play pranks with such an old man?)

Aroj Ali:(Laughing loudly) Sir, all this nonsense is really not good in Bhardupur. Tell me if you need any help, but I am a poor man myself. No particular help is possible. If you want to sell something, you have come to the wrong place. I don’t need any soap shampoo. I am strictly a foodie person.

Stranger: (smiles) You will not be disturbed. I have not come to ask anything from you. Just need some time. I know you have that time. That’s why come. Maybe, you will find answers to the questions you are searching for in your mind.

Seeing Aroj Ali’s silence, the stranger seemed to understand all his thoughts and began to say,

Stranger: Any elderly person is called Murubbi and therefore Murubbi is respected among the people. The seniority of some mentor among people is usually ten-twenty or fifty-sixty years, rarely one hundred. But when your first father Adam was created, I was very young and am still alive. So not only your age, but I am the master of all human race.

Aroj Ali:What are you saying in Bharadupura sir? Do you suffer from any mental problems? But it seems so from your random talk.

Stranger: I’m not talking nonsense sir. You have many questions in your mind. Trying to unravel that tangle. Listen, then think about my words. Maybe many tangles will be opened.

Aroj Ali:You mean, you are the main enemy of the human race that famous Iblis? Today in the form of a person like me came to chat with a man?

Stranger: Yes, that’s me. Shi’a lives in your veins 1 ] . Whose life belongs to Allah, death belongs to Allah. Whose heaven and hell are all given in the name of Allah. I am the One, of whom even the Prophets were afraid. Everything in this world is the result of my actions.

Aroj Ali:What are you saying! Auzubillahi Minash Shaytani Razim!

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